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Extend Your Help to Save Children in Africa

There is this condition in Africa when death has become an option to the otherwise unsalvageable. When malnutrition and drought and the famine attack the land, people who are incapable of saving themselves, people who do not receive proper nutrition and help often experience this kind of tragedy of the living. This so-called process is called as “euthanasia.” Euthanasia is known by the phrase “mercy killing,” and it is done to tons of people who are on the cusp of death and surrender to the suffering won’t be prolonged and the pain will be ultimately severed. In Africa, people are being saved not by extending their lives but by utter extinction through the name euthanasia.

It is beyond sad that we have this kind of reality prevailing in the forgotten and almost neglected land of Africa. It is said that rather than to cling to life, most of them choose to depart and be one with the uncertainty. In death, they believed pain ceased and they believe life will only bring them utter suffering. You can’t blame the people who practice euthanasia when they couldn’t even have any hope found given to them to sustain their lives and to persevere exist.

Often times Africa and the sordid facts of living of people in it have always been present in the news worldwide. Africa has always been a worldwide concern but despite the collective concern coming from people all over the world, still, you the Africa of today is a topography of poverty, malnourishment, hunger, and hostility shared between tribes and locals because all of them want to at least survive – to live – longer. In all of this chaos and predicament that surrounds Africa, the most affected people are the weakest and the most vulnerable. The most affected are the ones who are too innocent and incapable to protect themselves and they are called children.

The children of Africa are deprived of all basic rights that a child was must-have. They are deprived of safe shelters, education, protection, and most of all, they are the most that receive that euthanasia procedure because of their weak immune system. It is more than just a tragedy but a heartbreaking reality. Hearing this kind of news will surely leave a twinge of pain in your heart – a pang of guilt. But your negative and heavy feeling towards the news won’t change a thing if you will not do something about it.

Today a lot has been on the move doing great things to save the people in Africa especially the children. Today you can now extend your hand and help african children without even the need to visit the land. Today you can simply just choose your charity program or organization that is solely dedicated to helping people in Africa so you can do a change and help even a little.

Imagine this small gesture if multiplied by million, just imagine just by how much change and impact it will be done to Africa and just how much number of children can be saved from death because help african children actually reaches them? Now is the time that you do something about it.

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